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Western Digital TV Live Plus Became Fire Hazard

, By Patcoola

I have always kept my WD media player turned off when I am not using it, but late one night after 2 AM I noticed the power light was blinking so I went to remote and tried to turn off the device. When I couldn’t turn the device off I went to remove the power plug on the back to find it hot with a toxic smell. Immediately I know I had to remove the media player from the wall socket.


Once the media player was unplugged from the wall I waited for the device to cool. Upon lifting the device I heard a rattling sound, the same as an object was inside and rolling about. I believe something had broken off inside and is now free to fly around, whatever this was, the media player can no longer function and there is a burning smell coming off the device.

If I did not notice the blinking light coming from the Western Digital TV Live Plus at around 2 AM August 26, 2015, it would of combusted in flames.




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