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Steam Can Exclude Games You Own in Bundles

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Steam bundle deals can now exclude items we already own. However, at the moment the feature is only active with the publisher Valve. Hopefully all game publishers on Steam will adopt the new option to subtract the value of a game or downloadable content (DLC) we already own.


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Without the new feature, bundle deals do not subtract the value of items already owned and discards the repurchase of already own items (as see in the image above). This has become a problem for many Steam users, as they don’t want to over pay because of one or two items already owned. Discarding the repurchased items causes an over payment which is considered unfair by smart Steam users, so users will simply not purchase the bundle.

Steam bundles excluding items already owned is a well welcomed feature. The Steam community will be very happy with the change, but at this moment it seems that it’s up to the publisher to allow the exclusion of already owned items.




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