ADATA S102 Pro 32GB Blue Review

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Verdict: Recommend

I am a big user of the S102 Pro 16GB (AS102-16G-RGY) model, having four in 2013, it was a great product. The S102 Pro 32GB (AS102P-32G-RBL) of today is pretty much the very same, however, a bit different. The plastic cap has been improved with a much tighter fit. However, this drive had one disappointing aspect over the older model, the USB 2.0 write speed is about half of the older model. Never the less the AS102P-32G-RBL offers a slightly faster USB 3.0 read speed and input/output operations per second (IOPS).

Product: AS102P-32G-RBL
Manufacture: ADATA
Retail Price: $30.98 CAD
Sale Price: $15.99 CAD
Capacity: 32 GB
Interface: USB 3.0 / USB 2.0
Advertised Speed: Read 100MB/s, Write 25MB/s
Works With: Apple, Windows, Linux
Body: Aluminum
Color: Titanium Blue
Dimensions: 61.8 x 18.7 x 10.7mm (L x W x H)

Drive Format: FAT 32
Storage Space: 28.9 GB
Software: None

USB 3.0 Benchmarks

We can except about 19 megabytes per second write and 130 megabytes per second read speeds. The read speed is a big improvement over the older 16GB model which was about 88 megabytes per second.

Input/output operations per second (IOPS)

*HD Tune Pro 5.50

Approximately 60% higher in IOPS over the older 16GB model.

USB 2.0 Benchmarks

We can except about 13 megabytes per second write and 28 megabytes per second read speeds. The older 16GB model had a write speed of approximately 23 megabytes per second in the same benchmark, very disappointing.

Final Thoughts

ADATA makes a good product and I feel I can’t go wrong with them. Overall this is a good USB flash drive despite the disappointing USB 2.0 write performance. I hope ADATA improves the write speed in the future.

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