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Networked My Old Webcam

, By Patcoola

The old Logitech Quickcam Orbit (2003) sat under my window on the shelf in my work room for years when support made it useless, but I found a way to bring new life to the old device from a distance. The Orbit’s last support was for Windows Vista, making the use of the old webcam limiting. Using the TP-LINK TL-PS310U USB 2.0 server and a Windows XP virtual machine I was able to view the webcam in my work room from another room.


One of my issues with having my work room in a separate partition of the building, is that I have to leave and return hours later. Instead of repeatedly visiting my work room to monitor an activity, it would be nice to monitor the room with a camera. Instead of using a computer to route or use a very long USB extension cord, I used a device for sharing a printer. The TP-LINK TL-PS310U is a USB printer and storage sharing device that connects USB to the Network. The next step was to run a Windows XP virtual machine to run the Logitech software. Once everything was setup, I was surprised. I didn’t think it would work.

I was amazed that it actually worked. The performance was a little poor since I was running the device indirectly though hoops, but it worked. Specially amazing since the TL-PS310U was tested to have a transfer speed of approximately 4 megabytes per second, which turned out to be enough to operate the webcam. Using the webcams turning features was really slow and performed poorly, but fun to try. Doing this has got me interested in finding better solutions, I’d like to try better solutions for connecting a webcam over a long distance.




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  1. Ernesto A. says:

    I think the best use for something like that would be to (somehow) mount it outside (under a cover so the elements don’t interfere with it, and use it to monitor the front door, and the area around it. That way, if someone comes a-knocking, you’ll know exactly who it is!


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