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VEGA Conflict Steam Review

, By Patcoola

* Snapshots from VEGA Conflict

VEGA Conflict is a free-to-play (F2P) real time strategy (RTS) massively multiplayer mobile game that has made its way to computers on Steam. VEGA Conflict is what I call an in-between game or endless grind, you play these slow real-time games in-between doing something else. VEGA Conflict like Clash of Clans and many other games of its kind take a long time to build or repair units and structures. We’ll explore how VEGA Conflict stacks up to the many other F2P games.


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VEGA Conflict offers a great fleet combat system with real-time action strategy. Although the game focuses on leader boards, the game provides a lot of fun in ship configuration and blue-print collecting. However, VEGA fails to provide alliance activities and single player campaigns.

* Fleet Combat

VEGA Conflict is completely free to play. Money only apples to speed ups, in fact I got 500 coins free just for playing. Free coins can be obtained as Civil War rewards as well. The Commerce Module is the only premium item in the game which I got for free after playing for a few months. The Commerce building generates free coins which it used for speed ups. If you have a Commerce building you should get into a good alliance right away as upgrades are eligible by spending coins as a group.

* The Commerce Module

The base stores resources, does upgrades, constructs ships, and repairs ships. Your base stores your resources for upgrades and construction. The base has to be defended from players attacking for points, and the winner also collects resources. The losing base can loss a lot of valuable resources when attacked by a player. Building placement is very important as the game has a collateral damage feature. When a building is destroyed, the explosion damages surrounding buildings. In my experience, you will not be attacked much, and there is no non-player attacks other than player activated events. In my experience, other than losing some resources being attacked is meaningless.

* My base

Construction time and upgrades are slow, very slow. You can only repair one fleet at a time and build one ship at a time. Ship construction and refitting are done at the Ship Factory which only one task can be done at a time. Refits can also take a large amount of time. High level upgrades and shipping can take eight days to complete. I for one don’t like to waiting eight days to build one ship, however, a fleet can last for an hour before requiring repair.

Fleets are a group of six ships in a formation. You can have a total of seven manageable fleets. You can always swap ships, a replace ships with extra ships you have. You are dependent on how strong your ships are, or how many ships you own for continues game time.

Instant repairs and builds. The game allows you to instantly repair a ship for free if the timer is at five minutes or less. Upgrades and builds can be instantly completed if the timer is at five minutes or less, however, this time can be increased by alliance help.

The game has an interesting game design for planets and space. Your base is in geosynchronous orbit with a planet, you can move your fleets around and attack other fleets or bases. Note: It’s best to attack anyone in the same sector as yourself, as you’re all considered allies for Civil War events. You can scroll side to side circling the planet. You can leave the planet and fly to other sectors and planets. Flying in deep space is slow, and the non-player fleets are very strong.

* Sector Space (deep space)

Grinding for resources and blue-prints is slow, but not unbearable when you have seven fleets working at once. Grinding fleets can feel crowed during large events, even clicking to select the fleet you want to attack can be difficult at times. The game has a calendar of events to grind for what you’re looking for. In addition to resources and blue-prints, select fleets can drop parts for ship upgrades.

I like the game for the action, ship configuration, and collecting blue-prints, however, the game didn’t do much to give the player any sort of purpose or in game goals. Missions are meaningless, and there is no single player campaigns or dungeon instances. There is no real purpose for an alliance, no real alliance activities other than Civil War leader board rewards. A serious lack of player involvement makes the game a lonely farming experience. My base almost ever gets attacked, there isn’t even non-player attackers for bases. The game feels like it has a great baseline to become a great game, but just lacks the necessary features to keep anyone interested. I can’t recommend this game.



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I don't always use the women's bathroom, but when I do, you can bet it really smells. If you like my blog, please consider donating.


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