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Projects: jCoola Java Script Library

, By Patcoola

The jCoola Java Script library is a full featured tool box for developers that won’t want to learn a new way to write Java Script. jCoola is cataloged based which allows developers to pickup and use functions from the catalog. jCoola has a very low learning curve by use of a lookup table reference. jCoola makes developing powerful cross browser applications easy.


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How it works, jCoola is catalog bases. Simply start with a selector and pick the a function category then the function.

selector > category > function


jc.getId(“hello”).style.opacity = 20;

jCoola uses conventional and easy to remember terms providing developers a nearly zero learning curve.








jc.getId( “hello” ).event.add( “click”, function() {

jc.getId( “hello” ) 0, 150 );

} );

2015-07-21, jCoola has 19 function categories containing over 250 functions and properties.

View [ Functions List ]

jCoola is a private independently developed library and is not available to the public by Patcoola. Development has currently halted due to a change of priorities, and a general lack of purpose.

Project start date: 2012-08-14
First build date: 2013-04-08

Current alpha build: 37 (2013-09-27)

View [ Project News ]



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