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My New Tripod’s Missing Shoe

, By Patcoola

After many years I finally decided to buy myself a tripod. Since we don’t have any good stores where I live, I had to order the pod. I was so excited because this would be my first real tripod, and it would arrive for my birthday. I ordered the tripod from a big Canadian website at a great deal of 160 dollars Canadian. When it arrived two days after my birthday I was so excited to open it. My parents made fun of me and said things like “why the hell did you buy that”, “You’re not a photographer” like always. I had the tripod siting up and started to look at it, the pod was missing a piece. I looked all over for the camera plate but could not find it. My beautiful new tripod was useless.


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I did some research to find the name to the missing part, it was called a “quick shoe.” My tripod had no shoe, the next thing I did was look up the part and if it was something I could buy. The shoe was difficult to find and the cost was high, averaging about 40 dollars. The cost was high mostly to shipping and import fees, I was about to panic. The next day I got up early to call the company, on the first try I got the answering machine, on the second try I got a real person. We quickly ended our conversation with hope, and now I need to wait to see if they can find me the shoe. I was also told it may be difficult because the product was discounted and that’s why it was on sale.

A week later I tried to contact them by phone. I wasn’t able to get a holed of a real person, so I emailed them instead. The next day I received a happy rely, they are mailing me the shoe. Now it was a matter of waiting two weeks, and at last I had the missing shoe. My wonderful new tripod was complete. With the tripod I will put my old video camera to work.

I plan to document the creative process while creating my video game and start rotoscoping projects. I have created an amazing system to convert a sequence of images to a unique rotoscoping style. I hope to create some interesting, but simple videos that standout.



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