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Everything Breaks in May

, By Patcoola

Ideally everything should last forever or at least for ten years, but that isn’t the case. For me it’s hard to replace hardware when you have no steady income, and the irony is that I have a computer business. Needless to say I have an unsuccessful business where I fix ten computers per year, and depend on public donations. All my money goes to maintenance costs.


In May, my ASUS Radeon HD 7870 video card blew, my Kingston SSD V300 (240GB) failed, and my Corsair headset broke in my hands while I was taking them off. My headset is in such bad shape that the ear pads have withered off. Well at least super glue worked wonders for my headset. For my computer, I have a spare hard drive and an old video card. Once you have solid state, you near want to go back. Going back to a hard drive is so slow.

Hopefully I’ll have a good year and can afford to replace my video card and solid state drive.




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