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VR with the Nexus 7

, By Patcoola

Using the VR Shinecon headset, I managed to use my Nexus 7 second generation tablet (7 inch) for virtual reality (VR). The downsides are having to hold the tablet in place, the motion sensor may be influenced by the headset’s magnet, and the screen is a little bit too large for the headset. The upside is that I can quickly use the touch screen and place it back in place quickly.


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Using a cheap leather cover case for my Nexus I can easily place and align the tablet to the headset. I rest the cover folded back and laid down on to the headset’s open front cover. Resting the tablet’s bottom side down on the headset’s cover makes placing the tablet straight easily. The width of the tablet is about the same as the open headset so alignment is easily. If I wish to attach the tablet to the headset, I can use rubber bands or strings with the headset’s between area of the distance adjust feature.

The real downsides to using the Nexus 7 with the VR Shinecon are having the hold in place, the headset’s magnet seems to interfere with the tablet’s motion detection, and the screen is just a little too big to get a perfect focus. Although the screen is a little too big, it hasn’t been a big issue.



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