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2016 Annual Production Report

, By Patcoola

What was slated and what was actually done in 2016 by Patcoola. This year’s headline graphic is yellow for get ready, next year’s headline color will be green. 2018 will be the green light for go which will start the production of my video game in 2018.

2016 was my biggest fundraising year to date, taking in 3207 Canadian dollars. I’ve invested in a new computer, and tools for game creation. Development into a video blog to document the creation of my video game is in development. Rotoscoping provides an augmented reality where I can bring a video game’s world into the video. New innovations in website development brings a new way to add new behaviors to all websites without any programming knowledge, and faster creation of amazing websites.

2016 Production Schedule and Log

Production Details


*All projects listed on this Blog are the personal / in-house projects of Patcoola in association with Tigarus Interactive Media. If you are interested in a project or would like to employ our services, please feel free to contact us.


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