2016 Annual Production Report

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What’s new

New is good if it’s worth wild. New developments created new opportunities and opened new possibilities.

New Features

[Website] Backend Website

New authorization feature for user access control added, this feature allows modules an option to control major actions by asking for a security pin.

New external website POST interface added.

QR Code short URLs now has a reserved URLs list generator for QR sticker sheets.

[Website] IT Department Website – Systems by Tigarus (Visit Website)

Scale-able design, one design fits all screen sizes.

Products catalog crawler. Adds new content from our supplier’s website and reformats the contents into our database. Recalculates prices, removes promotions, etc.

Get it now Steam Games, a new courtesy service for backups and poor internet services. Enter your Steam user name and our crawler will generate a list of available games. Check the games you need and print your list. We will copy the files to your computer.

Online services assistant, answer some simple questions and our online assistant will recommend possible services that may apply to you.

Improved client search feature.

Administrative Add Client form now has a no fixed address option.

Administrative QR code assignment feature, makes assigning a QR sticker easier.

New Projects

[Programming] Project Smarts (See More)

The no programming JavaScript library. This software suite provides a long list of amazing and commonly used website behaviors. Project Smarts effectively makes websites smarter with no programming knowledge.

[Rotoscoping] Road to Indie Games

An augmented reality documenting the creation of my video game. Features adventures in the world of video games. This exciting new project is a combination of animation and video. Rotoscoping removes reality from the equation.

[Website] Road to Indie Games Blog

A small blog site featuring the Road to Indie Games videos.

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