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Seagate Momentus Laptop Thin 2.5in 500GB Benchmarks

, By Patcoola

For when you need the storage or a cheap laptop drive replacement, a 7200RPM hard drive is for you.



Brand Name: Seagate
Manufacturer: Seagate Technology
Manufacturer Part Number: ST500LM021
Product Name: Laptop Thin HDD 500GB Hard Drive
Device Model: ST500LM021-1KJ152
Drive Type: Internal
Drive Width: 2.5″
Capacity: 500GB
Cache (MB): 32MB
Spindle Speed (RPM): 7200
Average Seek Time: 11 ms
Interface: SATA 6Gb/s
Width: 70.10mm
Height: 7.0mm
Length: 100.55mm
Typical Weight: 95g
Operating (drive case, max): 60°C
Average Operating Power: 1.5W
Maximum Operating Shock: 400Gs
Annualized Failure Rate (AFR): 0.48%
Online Price: 69.98 CAD


Read Speeds

Top Read Speed: 144.8 MB/s
Average Read Speed: 113.8 MB/s
Lowest Read Speed: 71.6 MB/s
Access Time: 16.1 ms

Read inputs, outputs per second

Write Speeds

Top Write Speed: 141.9 MB/s
Average Write Speed: 110.8 MB/s
Lowest Write Speed: 69.6 MB/s
Access Time: 19.6 ms

Write inputs, outputs per second




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