Android with Mouse and Keyboard

Posted: , By Patcoola

Smartphones and all Android devices are computers. Like any computer you can connect a standard mouse and keyboard to it. Connections can be made by wireless Bluetooth or by using a USB adapter.

In the above image I connected my wireless Microsoft all-in-one multi-touch trackpad keyboard combo to my Google Nexus 7 (2nd Gen) tablet with a USB adapter. The wireless keyboard and trackpad worked right away without setup or fault. A USB On-the-go (OTG) adapter can cost up to 10 dollars Canadian (retail) or as low as 3 dollars online. The Microsoft all-in-one keyboard combo can cost 60 dollars Canadian (retail) or can be purchased online for as low as 30 dollars. Using an all-in-one keyboard combo can make your Android more enjoyable.

Many people have moved away from their computers and are now using their mobile devices for their daily computer use. Smartphones and tablets are very capable computers, able to fill many users’ needs with simplified controls. Connecting your mouse and keyboard increases productivity with your mobile device and is a must try.


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  1. Bill Hu says:

    Useful post for smart phone users !! Thanks…..

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