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Bars Feature for Project Smart

, By Patcoola

*Image from: Google Play Store – eBay App

Top and bottom bar menus (sticky headers/footers) are growing in popularity. Floating top and bottom menus can be found in websites and mobile applications everywhere.

In the above headline image we can see an example of a website using a top menu bar, and in the contents of the webpage is a mobile application with three top menu bars.

Project Smart (JS_Smart) the no programming JavaScript software suite will have bars. Bars is a full featured software solution for assigning top and bottom bars to your website or application. Bars can dynamically snap bars into place based on content area. Bars supports three top and bottom layers, and an administrative exemption for content management systems such as WordPress. Bars also has a pin layer, with pin you can have any number of objects to be pinned to the top or bottom of the bars.


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Other practical applications, Bars can also be used to display titles or category names.

Bars does not support nested scroll areas.

2017-07-14, Bars is still under evaluation with many options in consideration.

Scroll Rounding, allows the bars to auto scroll the window to fully display a bar or scroll a bar out of sight if the bar is partly visible.

On Scroll, allows bars to hide when the user scrolls down or display the bars if the user scrolls up.

Pin Overflow, allows the height of a long pinned object to match the position of the bar across.

Opacity, allows the bars to fade when scrolling out of sight.

Idle, on idle the assigned bar(s) will move off screen. (Added 2017-07-28)

Load, on page load the assigned bar(s) will move off screen. (Added 2017-08-04)

See more news and project details [Click Here]



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