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Sections allows content creators to break parts of their page contents into sections. Sections is great for forms, surveys, questioners, showcases, and menus.

Sections is now a feature of Project Smart (JS_Smart) the no programming Javascript software suite. Sections allows the content creator to focus on the content and not the programming. The above image is an example of the practical applications of sections.

Sections includes:

  • Rotation Timer
  • Stop timer if mouse is over option
  • URL variable bread crumbs option
  • POST option for forms, includes the bread crumbs as a POST variable
  • Navigation buttons (First|Back|Reset|Next|Last)
  • Navigate by history or by order
  • Navigation button display options (Disabled|Hidden|None)
  • Go To, on click go to section
  • Radio buttons, set the next section to go to
  • Define Stages
  • On Stage and On Section event, set an active CSS Class
  • Define a home and error section
  • Multiple instances per page with mix matching
  • Selected option, manually define the section to be displayed on page load

See more news and project details [Click Here]

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