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Tigarus Solutions Gets Graphics Pen Displays

, By Patcoola

Whitehorse’s independent interactive media production studio Tigarus Solutions moves up from the old graphics tablet on the table to a graphics pen display. The upgrade to the graphics department ups productivity and employment quality to that of a big studio. The displays are high definition 15 inch screens with a wireless pen. You just can’t beat drawing directly on the screen.


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The Yukon based business will be using the graphics displays primary for digital art and 2D animation next year (2018) in their up coming video game projects. Tigarus has been boasting about their universal software development platform for years now and we finally have a word on their plans. 2018, Tigarus will begin their first phase in their game development plans with retro remakes.

Tigarus is the Yukon’s first game design and development production studio. All their work is done in house without the need to out source like other small businesses. We hope to see big things from Tigarus in the future.



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