2017 Annual Production Report

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What was done and what was not

The following is a reflection on the slated projects from the 2017 Production Schedule. This does not fully reflect on the work that was actually done in 2017.

[Javascript] Project Smart (on-going)

Project Smart, Javascript Attribute Markers is an amazing software suite. 2017, has introduced many improvements in the second revision.

Completion of revision 2 (Core Complete)

Development of Menus feature (Canceled) Maybe revised as Layers.

[Website] Tigarus Systems (Visit Website)

Computer services website for capital fund raising. Completed earlier thanks to a new development strategic plan. Focused on using what I already had, I dropped the integration of Project Smart. Focused pages on information by removing features such as the PC builder.

Integration of Project Smarts revision 2 (Canceled)

Modification of CSS and header images (Complete)

Administration: Invoice Journal (Complete)

Administration: Admissions Journal (Complete)

Completion of Products Catalog Crawler (Complete*)

Products Catalog Management (Canceled*)

New Products and Computers page (Complete)

Menus (Canceled)

*Product Crawler has been canceled due to the lost of the source website, the company I buy from had gone bankrupt.

[Website: Tigarus.net] Paypal donations module (In Planning)

Acceptance and listings of project backers.

Research (Complete)

[Blog] Road to Indie Games (Canceled)

Project canceled due to stability issues. I discovered latter that the process used to convert video into an automated rotoscope was too light sensitive. The answer was to use fixed lights with a green screen by separating the subject from the background.

[Rotoscoping] Road to Indie Games (Canceled)

Publish Introduction video (Complete)

Completion of Slime Monster video (Complete)

[?][Website] Project Smart (Planning)

Waiting the completion of Project Smart.

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