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Rocksmith Song Search 2.0 [Update: 2018-04-25]

, By Patcoola

The new relationship database came with an audit of artists listed. Officially Rocksmith has 476 artists (bands) in my database, however, an audit expanded the artists, groups, and composers to 490 which was refined to 481.


So what happened with the artists listed. Some artists had solo careers and a group, this made a double listing. Some groups where in-fact two bands.

[Solo] Tom Petty
[Band] Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers

[Solo] Grace Potter
[Band] Grace Potter and The Nocturnals

[Solo] Bob Marley
[Band] Bob Marley & The Wailers

[Solo] Marvin Gaye
[Solo] Tammi Terrell
[Group] Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell

[Band] Brooks & Dunn
[Solo] Kix Brooks
[Solo] Ronnie Dunn

Some artist names were considered redundant or the artist was featured or considered a composer.

[Group] Johnny Cash & June Carter*
[Solo] Johnny Cash
[Solo] June Carter
*The group was removed and listed as Johnny Cash, I added June Carter as a composer or featured.

[Collaboration] Stevie Ray Vaughan and the Double Trouble*
[Solo] Stevie Ray Vaughan
[Solo] Double Trouble
*Now listed as Stevie Ray Vaughan, I added the Double Trouble as a composer or featured.

One artist was double listed.

[Artist] Edgar Winter*
[Band] The Edgar Winter Group
*I listed this one as The Edgar Winter Group.

Artist Renamed, some artists listed were renamed for their better known.

“Iggy and The Stooges” is now “The Stooges”.

The new relationship database brings a more flexible cross reference or artists. Songs now have composers or featuring artists, this allows for better search results. The artist database has the ability to add an alias or associate search term.

“Iggy” will also search “The Stooges”.

“Rob Zombie” will also search “White Zombie”.

“Jack White” will also search “The White Stripes”.

In addition to improved search terms, artists now have their alias and nicknames.

“Powerman 5000” includes “PM5K”

“Styx” includes “Sticks”

“The Presidents of the United States” includes “Presidents of USA”, “PUSA”, and “POT USA”

“Matt Montgomery” includes “Piggy D”

What’s coming next, most of the back end work is now completed. Now visual work on the website will begin. Due to a limitation of our content manager and sitemap, a dedicated page will be made for all 481 artist. The artist page will provide a list of all songs, a link to their WiKi and website.




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