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Rocksmith Song Search 2.0 [Update: 2018-08-03]

, By Patcoola


  • Database now has song duration (complete)
  • Database now supports song music video
  • Database now supports song rift video
  • Database now supports song lyrics
  • Administration now has new add song form

Exciting news, the current 1200+ songs have been updated to include song duration. A new addition has been added to provide searchers with the option to view and watch Youtube videos on site. Searchers can watch a song’s music video, rift video, and read lyrics on site.


Administration now has a new improved form to add songs. The new form is AJAX assisted to handle cycling through the hundreds of bands. Song search terms has also been given a new automatic terms formatting generator.

In-Future developments, I am exploring the idea to update the database to allow songs to be searchable from the song packs. It has come to my attention that many songs are no longer available individually, and many songs are now pack exclusives.




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