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Rocksmith Song Search 2.0 [Update: 2018-08-15]

, By Patcoola

Song packs are now searchable using a cross reference table containing artist and song IDs. Doing so was a major undertaking, 262 packs were modified and audited while 1094 reference entries were manually added into the database.

Big news, the search query has been greatly refined to just five generated conditions. The refinement is a big logic break through. I basically discovered that anything can be accurately found just by looking for the first and last word in the search terms. The spelling pattern now applies to words greater than four characters and has a simply applied “s” clause.


A missing song was discovered and added: Foo Fighters – Best of You.

A duplicate song entry has been removed.

Future developments, pack titles will be included in searches. A pack option will be available for DLC songs and artists; click the pack option to get a list of available packs.




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