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[Life] Falling Behind

, By Patcoola

Once you have fallen behind, there is no catching up. You can only move the date.

This year’s production focus was to complete Project Smart and bring it to market, making this my last side project. However, this year was pledged with disasters. I’ve been faced with the person challenges of taking care of my parents and my father’s health for six months and trails of drama like a soup opera.


I can’t begin to tell my story nor dare speak of at this time. I wish to forget and focus on the future. This year I’ve worked to prepare for just that, the future. The house will be sold as soon as we find a suitable place without stairs. We’re started to throw away junk. I’ve had a downsizing sale. My personal IT department will slowly disappear. I will not renew my local business licence to focus on content creation. A novelist doesn’t need a licence nor do I.

Although this year has faced many challenges, the future is still bright. In-fact I’m stronger than ever. Downsizing removed a lot of the old and unnecessary to bring in the new and the small. I really didn’t need a 61 key MIDI controller, a 32 key was better for me instead. Upgrading my storage left me with three 1TB portable hard drives, in which I sold. Now I own a beautiful five string Ibanez Bass guitar.

Future income will be generated by online fundraising with reward incentives. The rewards will be games I’ll create. This long term plan is for the best. It is very important to build a following as a indie developer.




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