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[Life] Downsizing Sale

, By Patcoola

I am pretty much finished with my downsizing sale with great success, thanks to Facebook Market. The sale is to prepare for moving, in the near future. We need to move for my father’s medical concerns. The sale of new and used goods, clears up space and allows me to downsize to newer and smaller equipment.


Including in the sale was a Mackie mixing board, M-audio keystation, Shure microphone, Line-6 AMP, portable hard drives, etc. I took a big lost on my six computer case display for custom build desktops, but I was very lucky to find a buyer. One person bought all six cases. I thought the ITX cases will be a difficult sell, but he knew his stuff and didn’t even want the screws.

The sale took about a week and a half. I received many messages and had many visitors. The demand for the free stickers was amazing. Eight people grabbed free stickers, many said “I’m going to take them all” and only left with a handful. The last person offered me $30, I was very happy. I consider my self to very lucky, I found a buyer for an old CD player and someone for my mother’s lady golf clubs. Facebook market is really the best place to sell.

Downsizing to smaller equipment. I really didn’t need a 61 key MIDI controller, the smallest one is best for me. Although the sale was good, I ended up spending all my money on a five string Bass guitar. It’s a bit of a long story about trying to order a cheap four string, but I made a very good purchase with the five string. Replacing my MIDI controller and Audio interface will just happen latter, and I’m not in a big rush.




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