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Rocksmith Songs Search [News 2018-11-06]

, By Patcoola

Getting closer!

All 527 bands have an “Artist Page” generated and an artist poster created (I searched the Internet and created a poster for each artist). As-well, 3918 pages have been generated for Music Videos, Rift Videos, and Lyrics. Although 1306×3 pages have been created, a “not-yet-available message” will be displayed until the content/links have been added to the database. Doing so may take three weeks with 4 to 8 hour days. In-addition to creating thousand of content pages; I have fixed and improved many behind the senses features and I have good number of exciting new features planned.


Coming Soon:

Artist Bands, this database will list all bands an artist was with. This feature is for artists with more than one band in their career. This feature will make finding songs by an artist easier when their songs are under different band names.

Featuring, this is a feature of song listings in the database. This feature allows an artist to be listed with a song by a different band if they are featured with it.

Find Song in Packs, this feature lists all packs a song is included with.

Pack Page, this feature allows viewers to see more information on each song in the pack. Songs will have the same options as the Song Explorer (Artist Page, Music Video, Rift Video, Lyrics).

Statistics, this feature will allow a view of many boring figures, such as top 10 lists.




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