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2018 Annual Production Report

, By Patcoola

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What was done and what was not

The following is a reflection on the slated projects from the 2018 Production Schedule. This does not fully reflect on the work that was actually done in 2018.

[Javascript] Project Smart

Third Revision (Partial)

Sequential Order of Operations (Complete)

Modules: Average

Modules: Lowest

Modules: Highest

Modules: Sum (Complete)

Sequential order of operations has opened a new range application development potential for users. The change will require a complete review off all existing functions.

[Website] Project Smart

Website (CMS Required)

Online Manual (Pending)

Developers Manual (Pending)

Dependent on the completion of Project Smart revision 3, and a content management system is required to make the website.

[Business] Project Smart

Marketing Plan (Under Consideration)

Pricing and Subscription Planning (Planned)

Application for Advertising Grant

Will not happen anytime soon.

Final Thoughts

Although Project Smart is amazing, it’s nothing more than a niche market. The investment requirements to publish and market the benefits does not justify the costs. Thus the project’s documentation will be done on the side over several years.


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