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Rocksmith Songs 2.0 is Live!

, By Patcoola

Rocksmith Songs jumps ship to its own blog/site today (Feb 15, 2019). The new dedicated search engine allows visitors to easily find and discover music featured with the Rocksmith games. Visitors can search for songs, artists, packs, as well as watch music videos, rifts, and read song lyrics.


Development of the new blog was a huge undertaking. Today Rocksmith has 1350 songs, 526 bands, and 326 packs. Almost 5000 pages was created for the new blog. The original database was almost completely redesigned from a simple list to a full relationship structure, and was given a complete audit. 541 artists have had a poster created for their own artist page. Needless to say, the new site was designed for easy of use. I hope everybody likes it.




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