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Black Clover Blog Delays (Cancelled)

, By Patcoola

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Update 2020-01-15: This curation blog has been discontinued.

Updates are coming soon, I swear.

My Black Clover blog has been falling behind on regular updates this year. This is due to projects, Crunchyroll’s changes to their video player, and a sudden overflow of new characters. At the moment, the blog is about five episodes behind on postings. Updates will be made as soon as I can write the episode summaries.


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This year I have finished a big 6000+ page blog. The Rocksmith Songs blog is a search able database of songs, artists, bands, and song packs featured in the Rocksmith games. Updates have been made to the numerous other Anime blogs and their site layouts. Then the coming update to my own blog.

Crunchyroll has changed their video player a few months ago. The change is for the better, however, the player lacks features. I’ve been using a third-party video player, but the process is very slow. I basically watch each episode twice.

Recently in Black Clover there has been a sudden overflow of new characters. This means more head-shots to keep track of. I even did a redraw for the character Xerx L├╝gner. This character was shown very briefly and the best shot was covered with his name. See image below.

Updates will be made very soon.

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