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Charging into the Sky

, By Patcoola

Change has came!

I jump into the sky with confidence and pride. The blog’s big redesign took about three weeks and is finally here. The new blog features full responsive design. Updated top pages with new menus and some new headline graphics. Social graph cards have been implemented. Google Ads have been restored with full policy compliance. Best of all, the blog was re-branded to be about myself and to feature my cartoon alter ego. I hope everyone likes it, or not I don’t really care.


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I have implemented responsive design based on my universal layout. Responsive design allows the layout to dynamically change size and position in real-time. The one design fits all approach allows visibility with all screen sizes. Hopefully the update will restore lost web traffic as search engines penalize websites that are not mobile compliant. In recent years, approximately 50% of all my site traffic has been mobile. Mobile visitors will immediately see a big difference in usability as the previous design was only tablet compatible.

Social Graph cards was a be deal and is a must have feature for social media websites. Social graphs is defined content used by social media to display links, etc. Many website management software has difficulty implementing and providing this feature. I created my own implementation, and I will be posting links to my Twitter account a lot more now.

Google services has had some changes to services and policies in recent months. Policy changes lead to some unintended violations. Service changes had also lead to the lost of my Google Ads. The new design is fully compliant with Google policies, and I believe advertising placement is taste full.

My cartoon alter ego is here. The blog has been re-branded to better reflect who I am and what I am about. Visitors can expect future posts to be more like a comic. In-addition, headline photos are now made much larger. Headline photos were previously made with a width of 720 pixels, the images are now 1080 pixels.

Hopefully, I will not have to make anymore changes anytime soon.



Donate Now!

This might not be the best time, but making a blog is not easy. Would you consider donating?


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