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Corsair Void PRO Wireless Headset Replacement Battery

, By Patcoola

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Caution: The battery featured requires rewiring. Use with caution.

Corsair Void PRO RGB Wireless Gaming Headset

The Corsair Void Pro Wireless headset is probably the must affordable wireless surround sound computer headset on the market. The best value headset sports a 16 hour battery. However, I had my headset for less than two years and my battery is now down to approximately one hour of usage. My headset’s low battery indicator beeps very quickly when you only have an hour. In recent months I had the unfortunate pressure of dealing with Corsair’s warranty services. The process was long and I had difficulty with my address. So I found a better solution, I will buy a replacement battery.


3 thread 523450 3.7V, 1100mAH, polymer lithium ion / Li-ion battery

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The battery can be purchased from Aliexpress an Amazon like website in China. The battery costs approximately $15 USD with DHL e-commerce shipping. Shipping time is estimated to be 20-23 days.

Buy Battery [ Click Here ]

I should be receiving my battery mid May 2019, say tuned for replacement instructions.

Update: 2019-05-08

I received my battery and fried my headset. I believe the yellow and red wires need to switch places. Try on your own risk.




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