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The Importance of Making Pong [Game Dev]

, By Patcoola

It’s not about Pong, it’s about what comes from Pong.

Game engines has really spoiled us developers, turning Pong into a 30 minute task. However, that doesn’t mean you have created Pong the right way. Back when Adobe Flash was popular; Flash presented a development environment that lead to many poor development practices. I took a step back and went back to basics. I took a calculated approach to recreating Pong. In fact I believe I did it a bit better. I added the paddle behavior from Brick Breaker and added perspective. Now the doors for many more game mechanics has opened.


I started creating my Pong game by separating calculates from the display. By doing the calculates separately from the display, I can do more than just your simple 2D game. The meta game is flat, providing a solid reference for the display. I take the positions from the meta objects and represent them in the display. Because the display is relative, I am able to do many things like dynamically changing the perspective.

The display is relative. I can manipulate the displayed objects based on the positions of the meta (sudo) game. I did the math and added perspective to Pong. Perspective added a 3D like effect to my 2D game.

As a fan of the game Brick Breaker, I had always assumed that Pong had the same paddle behaviors. I was latter proven wrong. Pong has some really simple programming. Brick Breaker has some complex paddle behaviors. The paddle is broken into three parts: left, middle, right. The paddle inverts the angle based on the section of the paddle. The center of the paddle always bounces the ball straight. The sides bounce in the direction they are, not reflecting. The position towards the center determines the angle.

Challenges ahead, I have a working proof but I need to integrate it into Construct 2. Construct has not been easy to add custom coding. Just adding the Paddle behavior was a huge challenge of trail and error. I now know a lot more of how Construct works thanks to this, however, I have only added the paddle. I am still working out the details to how the meta game will run in Construct.




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