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Corsair K55 RGB Gaming Keyboard Review

, By Patcoola

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Don’t recommend!

The Corsair K55 RGB gaming keyboard falls short of being an excellent keyboard. The K55 is Corsair’s cheapest light-up gaming keyboard at $79.99 Canadian and can be purchased from Amazon for as low as 45 dollars. At $45 the K55 is one of the cheapest Red Green Blue (RGB) light-up keyboards. The keyboard features multimedia keys and six programmable macro keys. The keyboard can be programmed independently without the use of software. On paper this makes the keyboard very desirable. However, the K55 keyboard falls short of perfection with a defect.


The keyboard is large, heavy, quiet, and has a detachable wrist rest. All great characteristics for a serious desktop keyboard. Keys are a bit stiff for me as I find that they require a fair amount of force to press. Gaming keyboards should have lighter keys. The sound of the keys is about half the noise of a cheap classic keyboard from Logitech such as the Logitech MK120.

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The keyboard is very customizable. You can program the keyboard independently without the use of software or by creating profiles with the iCue software. The keyboard has it’s own independent memory, separate from the iCue software. Personally I refer to just use the iCue software. Programming the keyboard manually is quite difficult. Unfortunately the iCue software can’t save a profile to the keyboard, so iCue must always be running. The RGB colors are programmable to three sections: left, middle, and right. You cannot set the colors of the keys individually. Visual effects are available but I don’t like them. Programming the macro keys is easy with the iCue software. However, placement can be an issue. I found the G1 key to be too close with the Escape key, so I programmed G1 as Escape.

The RGB lights are not perfect. Keys cannot be set individually, instead the keyboard is divided in three sections called zones. The limitation of three zones make effects undesirable in my opinion. The key letters are lit, allowing keys to be seen in the dark and will never fade. The big problem with the RGB is the color range. The RGB is tinted blue and can’t produce white. This means you only have a limited number of colors and the colors you are trying to pick may not be the same as displayed with the iCue software.

This is what they call white.

The K55 has a defect, and it’s not the poor RGB. I like many others on the Internet have experienced problems with this keyboard. There is a defect in which the Caps Lock light will not light. This problem maybe more than just the light. For me, if I wake my computer from sleep mode, the keyboard is no longer detected by the iCue software and the Caps Lock light stops working.

I can’t recommend the K55 Gaming Keyboard due to its flaws. Poor RGB colors and a potentially serious defect makes this keyboard a bad purchase. When you buy a keyboard, you expect it to work. This keyboard has a flaw with the Caps Lock light, and loses detection after waking the computer up from sleep mode. I now see why you can get this keyboard for a little as $45 CAD from Amazon.




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