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Corsair Sabre RGB Gaming Mouse Review

, By Patcoola

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Total Fail, Don’t Buy!

The Corsair Sabre RGB gaming mouse had a lot of things going for it, but fails to poor construction and manufacturing. I for one had to file a warranty claim, and I received a defective replacement. Amazon is full of dissatisfied customers. Amazon customers have reported faulty clicks, broken scroll wheels, and mice that wouldn’t turn on. Don’t buy this mouse.


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The Sabre is a decent mouse if it was better constructed. The mouse has a wide body and is comfortable to hold for adult hands. The mouse sports a light weight body and a six foot braided cable. The Sabre has eight programmable buttons, and four programmable Red Green Blue (RGB) lights. The scroll wheel works well, however, does not have side scrolling.

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The mouse features four programmable RGB lights. A front light, a front-side light for the optical sensor setting, a scroll wheel light, and the rear logo light. The mouse also has a wide range of visual effects. However, the RGB lights fail to produce white. The lights have a blue tint and may display a color different from the selected color in the iCue software.

This is what they call white.

I had two Sabre mice during a year, and I had to file for a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) warranty claim. My mouse had random occurrences were it would not turn on when I started my computer. My replacement mouse also had the same problem as well. An online search found other users with the same experience. Amazon has lots of other complaints as well. Amazon customers have experienced defective left clicks were the click was not captured or was turned into a double click. Other customer complaints include the bar holding the scroll wheel breaking off. It is very apparent that the Sabre is a defective product and should be avoided at all costs.



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