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Awesome eBay Auction Win!

, By Patcoola

I finally got lucky!

After over a month of searching for a wireless headset, I finally got one. Last week I received my auction win from eBay. I won a complete set of essential computer peripherals: headset, mouse, keyboard, and mouse pad; the items were about 5 months old and still had their original boxes. The auction was won with 75% off the estimated retail price. This was a big win for myself as I have been stricken with a series of bad luck. Now with this win, it seems everything is back on track.


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Since November I had a series of computer beak-downs. I even made the mistake of trying Corsair’s mice and keyboards. In general Corsair had been a good brand for their USB Flash drives and Computer Memory. Corsair was also known in PC gaming for their mice and keyboards. A decision I now regret. I had to replace their defective mice and keyboards, and soon after my wireless (Corsair) headset’s battery dead. The headset lasted less than two years but was heavily used and was a great product. I had to switch to good old dependable Logitech. I then managed to find some great deals for a mouse and keyboard, however, finding a headset was much more difficult.

The changing market of headsets had made me into a product hunter. There was a ton of headsets on the market from many brands. A lot of research was done to make an informed decision. I first won an auction for a Arctis 7 wireless headset by SteelSeries. I was the only bidder and was excited. Then after a week I contacted the seller and that was when I was told he had sold it. The seller sold it for a higher price. I was mad. My money was in limbo for two weeks. Once my money was returned to me, I then found an amazing auction. The Razer Man’O’War wireless headset plus Logitech gear.

The seller was a German visiting Vancouver for 6 months and couldn’t take the peripherals home with him. He even had the original boxes. I won the auction with a huge savings of 75% off the estimated retail price. I am glam that the seller didn’t back-out this time. To no surprise to me, the Logitech gear didn’t sell well as it is considered common. The headset is what I really wanted and the Logitech was the icing on the cake. But what was also interesting was that I already had the same mouse and keyboard; now both my computers have the same matching set.

*Image Source:

Razer Man’O’War Wireless Headset

*Image Source:

Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum Mouse
Logitech G213 Prodigy Gaming Keyboard
Logitech G240 Cloth Gaming Mouse Pad



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