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Oculus Rift S: Fix Sensor Check

, By Patcoola

Image Source: (reproduction from the Oculus Software)

Sensor Check Solution

When I received my Oculus Rift S I thought I met all the prerequisites until I plugged it in. My problem was one little oversight that Oculus didn’t know either. I was running an older version of Windows 10 that I had never updated. Here is the solution to getting your Oculus Rift S to pass the sensor check.


First check your camera permissions for Windows 10. You may need to give apps permission for access your camera. Go to: Settings->Privacy->Camera; Make sure “Allow apps to access your camera” is On. (Note: as of Firmware 1.7.1 this may not be required)

Check your Device Manager for a category called “Other” with “Rift S” listed. Below are screen shots of how the Device Manager should look like. Before Firmware 1.7.1, the sensor was listed under Cameras. Firmware 1.7.1 listed the sensor in Imaging devices.

If you see the sensor listed under “Other” or if the sensor has a little yellow “Caution” icon in your Device Manager, you will need to update your version of Windows 10. I have confirmed that the Oculus Rift S works with Windows 10 1809 and did not work with Windows 10 1703.

Image Source:

Microsoft does not force people to upgrade their version of Windows. You need to do this yourself and the best way to do this is by downloading the Windows Update Assistant program from their website.

Note: When updating your version of Windows, you have the option to keep your files and programs, or to start fresh. Read carelessly.

After upgrading, your computer will need sometime to automatically update all drivers and Windows software.

You can manually update your Oculus drivers by running the drivers installer that Oculus has provided on your computer.

C:\Program Files\Oculus\Support\oculus-drivers\oculus-driver.exe

Hopefully Oculus will do more testing before releasing new productions in the future.




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