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The Gopher in the Garage

, By Patcoola

Image Source: Patcoola 2019

Based on real events!

I found this gopher making a mess in the garage and it refuses to leave. The government told me that I had to give it two months notice of eviction. Then when I tried to access my vehicle, the gopher called the police on me.


The police didn’t care that the gopher illegally entered the garage and is a squatter. They told me that I had to give it 24 hours notice with an exact time and date to enter the garage. On eviction the gopher refused to leave. I filed a complaint with the government for $50 and the date for the hearing was set 45 days from now.

The hearing didn’t go well. The gopher claimed that it did not receive any eviction notice and that I had been harassing it and threatening it with a broom. The government agreed with the gopher that it was making an effort to keep the place clean and there was no reason for eviction.

I then gave the gopher another eviction notice through the Sheriffs Office for $50, citing that I needed the garage for family. On eviction the gopher served me with a dispute hearing, the date was set 15 days after eviction. The gopher filed in the dispute that it had a claim of ownership and I was only the owner of the garage by name only. The government agreed that the gopher had to leave, however, they couldn’t confirm the ownership of the garage and suggested that it be settled in court.

The gopher refused to leave and served me with a court claim. In court the judge dismissed the gopher’s claims and ordered that the gopher couldn’t sue for money. The judge didn’t make any order or mention of eviction.

It has been six months since the gopher entered my garage now. I tried filing a dispute with the government to have the gopher removed, however, since the gopher had taken me to court I had to file a claim with the court system instead. The process to remove the gopher took eight months and costed me hundreds in fees.




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