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[Life] Refrigerator Mayhem

, By Patcoola

Background Source: Frigidaire

Canada Day July 01, 2019, I woke up to the joy of a broken down refrigerator. The refrigerator left more than just defrosted food as we faced a journey which lasted over a month. The floor had to be repaired, the upper cabinets had to be trimmed, and the amount of labor was shocking. I say thanks to our family friends that helped with the labors, thanks to the delivery people that put in so much work, and thanks to the unused refrigerator from the basement. This is the story of our refrigerator mayhem.


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Canada Day morning I discovered that the refrigerator was no longer working. My mother had left early to celebrate with her friends downtown. My father spent the morning sleeping in his chair and watching the news, not noticing the refrigerator.

I spent my morning moving the contents of the fridge to the basement and cleaning the fridge of liquids. Our basement is a legal suite which has its own separate entrance. That day I got my exercise from two stairways and four entrance doors.

My stubborn Father wanted to have the 30 year old fridge repaired and refused to believe that our $370 dollar electric bill was caused by the refrigerator. Eventually the fridge was moved to clean the back of dust, that’s when we saw the burnt floor. My Father now had the proof we needed to get a new refrigerator.

We took measurements of the fridge and looked downtown the next day. We took a small tape measure with us and the salesman at The Brick noticed “you came prepared, because fridges don’t come in a standard size.” We didn’t find the fridge we needed. Every decent fridge was too tall and my Father didn’t want the freezer on the bottom because he couldn’t bend down. There wasn’t a refrigerator in town that we could buy. Everything was only for display and had to be ordered. So we ordered a side-by-side through The Brick and it was to arrive by the 29th.

Meanwhile as we waited for the arrival of our new fridge, we had friends help with renovations. One friend trimmed the top cabinets to accommodate the taller size of modern refrigerators. Another friend helped with taking the old refrigerator out and placing it in the back of the track for disposal.

Together we took the basement fridge out and brought it upstairs. The basement door had to be removed to get the refrigerator out of the basement. One again I had to move the contents of the fridge. Latter that month, our friend patched the floor with some of the extra material we had left in storage. My Father and I latter took the old fridge to the dump; the fridge was very heavy and was stubborn to be removed from the truck. We didn’t have room to take out the rest of the garbage with us.

As the garbage sat in the garage for two weeks, a gopher made its way inside. The gopher stayed for a few days and I got it on video, it was a stubborn one indeed. But it eventually left on its own after making a little bit of a mess with our garbage.

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July 29th has arrived and our refrigerator is late. We will have to continue to wait for the fridge’s arrival. August 13th, the refrigerator is on its way for delivery. My Mother and I prepared by temporary removing the contents of the basement refrigerator out, and I removed the door from the basement for transfer.

The delivery men had arrived, and now we will just sit back. Now the new fridge was a little too big for our door. The delivery men removed our door and the doors of the refrigerator’s as well. They reattached the refrigerator’s doors and made sure that the doors were leveled. Next they moved the basements fridge to the basement. When they were all done, they then reattached all the doors of the house. I wish that was the end of it but there was more work than just putting the food back in the fridge.

I found myself removing the plastic protective film from the refrigerator’s doors with a knife. At last it was over, except that the new fridge is covering the kitchen light switch. We will have to move the kitchen light switch one foot to the right someday. I say thanks to everybody that had helped. Who knew that a refrigerator could cause so much trouble.



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