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Blog Update: 2019-12-07

, By Patcoola

Visitors may have noticed faster load times with reduced data on the front-page and while browsing posts. Now introducing headline poster thumbnails. Removal of useless WordPress header garbage. Resulting in a huge data reduction and improved load time for visitors.

I have implemented thumbnails for headline posters resulting in reduced data usage. Slower computers and devices may see a performance improvement when browsing posts.

I have recently noticed a huge overhead coming from the WordPress software which was loading outside resources. These resources caused the blog to stall when loading as the visitor waits for them to load. This provides unnecessary data usage to the visitor. I have removed these overheads, resulting in a better visitor experience.

Mobile compliance as according to Google. So Google basically dictates the standards for web design now and will penalize you in search results if your don’t comply. Google systems have flagged the WordPress garbage as a problem and the large data size of headline posters to mobile users. These changes should satisfy our Google overloads.



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