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2019 Annual Production Report

, By Patcoola

Production report for 2019’s projects by Patcoola. What was slated and what was done in 2019. The year was relatively uneventful and very productive. Big advancements have been made to my online business persona with the launch of two new sites, and a total remodel of my own blog. Game development has jumped far, and is now ready to produce. We can expect big things for 2020 as I enter into stage two. Stage two is the production of small games.



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2019 Production Report


Resigned: The Official Blog of Patcoola

Launched: Rocksmith Songs

Launched: Tigarus Blog Network

Launched: Tigarus News Blog


Core: Project Smart Revision 3

Modules: Average

Modules: Lowest

Modules: Highest


Prototype: Skeleton Website Framework

Game Development

Prototype: Stereo Audio API

Prototype: 2D Pong with 1-Point Perspective

Tile Map Rev.1: Ground and Grass

Tile Map Dev: Water

Tile Map Dev: Cliffs

Dev: Orbital Motion

Behavior: Parallax Y Scaling

Behavior: Stage Center Scaling

Behavior: Breakout Paddle

Schematics: 360 Panoramic Defense Shooter (2D)


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