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2019 Annual Production Report

, By Patcoola


2019 Production Details

[Websites] The Official Blog of Patcoola

A total redesign to comply with Google standards. The redesign is better designed, includes better branding and layout. Full responsive design allows for one design to fit all screens.

[Websites] Rocksmith Songs

Rocksmith Songs is an unofficial search engine for songs, bands, and packs featured in the Rocksmith Games. The site features over 1.3k songs and a ton of goodies for Rocksmith fans to easily find what they’re looking for.

Rocksmith Songs

[Websites] Tigarus Blog Network

A website to list and catalog the blogs hosted on the Tigarus blog network.

Tigarus Blog Network

[Websites] Tigarus News Blog

The official Tigarus blog for all news and announcements regarding Tigarus.

Tigarus News Blog

[JavaScript] Project Smart

Core revision 3 introduces sequential order, this allows features to work in sequence as they are placed for the creation of applications. No plans to continue development or to adapt existing modules. Existing features will be cannibalized as needed by project.

[PHP] Skeleton Website Framework

A website framework based on modules. Further development is needed.

[Game Dev] Stereo Audio API

An application programming interface (API) for stereo audio. Currently in prototype a lot of features are waiting development.

[Game Dev] 2D Pong with 1-Point Perspective

A working prototype has been made for a 2D Pong with a perspective (a feel of dimension). Will be implemented into the Construct 2 game engine.

More details: The Importance of Making Pong

[Game Dev] Tile Maps

The first major steps have been made to create amazing 2D games such as JRPGs. The first revision for the ground work (Grass and Ground) has been created. Water and Cliffs are also in early development.

[Game Dev] Orbital Motion

Currently still under development, Orbital Motion allows an object to move in a circular or elliptical motion. Pending features include: rotate, z-index, and scaling.

[Game Dev] Parallax Y Scaling

Parallax Y Scaling is a selective visual effect. It allows an object to scale depending on its position to the view-port, x-scaling is also an options, creating a z-elevation like effect. Y Scaling makes an object smaller at the top of the view and larger on the bottom.

[Game Dev] Stage Center Scaling

Stage Center Scaling is a selective visual effect. It allows an object to scale depending on its position to the view-port. The object is smaller at the center of the view and larger at the edges.

[Game Dev] Breakout Paddle

Pong has a simple paddle, it reflects an object that collides with it. The more advance Breakout Paddle has a much more complex behavior. The paddle is split in three sections: left, center, right. If the ball hits the left side of the paddle, the ball bounces left. If the ball hits the center, the ball bounces straight. Angle is determine by position.

[Game Dev] 360 Panoramic Defense Shooter (2D)

Schematics have been created from the Perspective Pong game. This scheme allows for a 360 panoramic view and objects come closer towards the center. You can shoot and defend the center.

Final Thoughts

2020 will be the year of small games. Thank you for your support.

Read more: Stage Two Objectives and Mission


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