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2020 Production Schedule

, By Patcoola

Production schedule as of January 11, 2020. The following information is a general overview of all projects slated for 2020 by Patcoola. This year’s headline graphic represents stage two, production of small games. Stage two is all about game development.

Learn More: Stage Two


*All projects listed on this Blog are the personal / in-house projects of Patcoola in association with Tigarus Interactive Media. If you are interested in a project or would like to employ our services, please feel free to contact us.

Projects 2020

Game Graphics

[TileMap] Water rev.1

[TileMap] Cliffs rev.1

Game Programming

Stage Center Fading

Mini Maps

Parallax Pin

Orbital Motion

Stereo Audio API

Gravity Well

Pickup Magnet

Quadratic Bézier Curve Motion


Sprite Transition Effects

GUI Framework


2D Pong with 1-Point Perspective

More to be announced!



[Blogs] Better headline poster scrub

[Blogs] Headline poster scrub now has ultra-wide rule

[Game Programming] Z-Index: Swap Index

[Game Programming] Z-Index: Reorder by Y-Axis

[Game Programming] Z-Index: Reorder by X-Axis

[Game Programming] Z-Index: Reverse by Family

[Game Programming] Z-Index: Reverse by Layer

[Game Programming] Z-Index: Move to Z-Index

[Game Programming] Z-Index

[Stereo Mixer] Web Audio Development

[Stereo Mixer] Load File

[Stereo Mixer] Tracks Bank

[Stereo Mixer] Master: Play, Pause, Stop, Volume

[Stereo Mixer] Channel: Play, Pause, Stop, Volume, Pan

[Stereo Mixer] Create Cue

[Stereo Mixer] Set Repeat, Loop

[Stereo Mixer] Cue Sheets

[Web Audio] Synthesizer (Experimental)

[Stereo Mixer] Added: Public and private channel types

[Stereo Mixer] Added: Channel Names


[Stereo Mixer] Added: Mute

[Stereo Mixer] Added: Eject

[Stereo Mixer] Added: Skip Track

[Stereo Mixer] Added: Seek

[Stereo Mixer] Added: Channel Position

[Stereo Mixer] Added: Channel Duration

[Web Audio FX] Audio Effects/Filters (Experimental)

[Web Audio FX] Implemented dry and wet singles


[Website: Systems] Fixed: Invoice tax types

[Website: Systems] Fixed: Invoice receipt view

[Website: Systems] Fixed: Calendar next month dead link

[Website: Systems] Added: Active games count in “Steam Get it Now” master list

[Stereo Mixer] Test Lab GUI: General Improvements

[Stereo Mixer] Added: Channel Remaining Time

[Stereo Mixer] Added: Track is loaded, Has track, Track status, List tracks

[Stereo Mixer] Added: Count Tracks, Has Cue, Count Cues, Cue List

[Stereo Mixer] Added: Get channel’s track, Get channel’s Cue

[Stereo Mixer] Update: Mixer Eject has reset channel settings option

[Stereo Mixer] Added: Mixer/Channel Reset

[Stereo Mixer] Added: Mixer/Channel Play Back Rate

[Stereo Mixer] Updated: Position and Remaining time updated for play back rate

[Stereo Mixer] Added: Fastline option

[JavaScript] XML API


[Spatial Stereo] Created test lab

[Spatial Stereo] Speaker omni directional

[Spatial Stereo] Receiver direction modes (All, 4, x-axis, y-axis)

[Spatial Stereo] Receiver rotation

[Spatial Stereo] Receiver flip

[Spatial Stereo] Receiver reduced rear mode

[Spatial Stereo] Test lab updated for directional sound

[Spatial Stereo] Directional sound, front and rear

[Spatial Stereo] Directional sound, rotate

[Spatial Stereo] Directional sound, flip

[Get it now Steam Games] Added 58 games (688 Total)


[JavaScript] DOM Selector API

[HTML5] General Layout GUI for Game Maker

[Game Maker] Collapse-able side menus

[Game Maker] Detachable right side menu

[Game Maker] Added: Scrollbars for Stage Area

[Game Maker] Added: Collapse scrollbars button


[Game Maker] Added: Resource selection in right side menu

[Game Maker] Added: Layers menu in right side menu

[Game Maker] Updated: Icons

[HTML5] Custom Select Element

[Game Maker] Added: Custom select menu for properties tab

[Game Maker] Added: Scrollbars to right side menu

[Game Maker] Added: Hex color input for properties tab

[Game Maker] Behavior: Properties tab, set focus, default focus

[Game Maker] Added: Project properties

[Game Maker] Added: Folder properties

[Game Maker] Added: Single Sub Folder and properties

[Game Maker] Changed: Collapse project, folders by double click

[Game Maker] Added: Icons for resources tree items


[Game Maker] Updated: Changing the property’s value now sets

[Game Maker] Added: Property values can now execute a function

[Game Maker] Added: Properties’ can now change stage area

[Game Maker] Updated: Scrollbar(s) now disappear for small layout dimensions

[Game Maker] Updated: Selecting a layout will now load in the stage area

[Game Maker] Added: Layouts with transparent backgrounds now display a checkered pattern

[Game Maker] Added: Property input field now have input restrict

[Game Maker] Added: Layer properties

[Game Maker] Updated: Layers tab title now updates with layout name change

[Game Maker] Updated: Large optimization for resources data references

[Game Maker] Added: Resources and Layers now have a title tool tip

[Game Maker] Added: Resource and Layer names now have dynamic text overflow

[Game Maker] Updated: Dynamic text overflow now applies when a project is loaded

[Game Maker] Updated: Properties view, now has new titles

[Game Maker] Fixed: Selected resource and layer conflict


[Game Maker] Updated: Optimized resource listings

[TileMap] Ground and Grass color tests


[Tigarus Systems] Updated: Steam Get it Now Games (83 new titles), 771 Total

[Game Maker] Fixed: Empty sub-folder not creating

[Game Maker] Fixed: Input Hex color not updating display

[Game Maker] Added: Move Up button for resources


[Game Maker] Added: Move Down button for resources

[Game Maker] Added: Side mini-menu with floaters (resources, properties, layers)

[TileMap] Ground and Grass recolored

[Game Maker] Added: readonly to custom select element for properties

[Game Maker] Updated: Tile layer properties with tile width and height

[Game Maker] Added: Tile map properties

[Game Maker] Updated: Layer options now save states

[Game Maker] Added: Margin borders now displayed on stage

[Game Maker] Fixed: Resource targeting for move up/down control now strict

[Game Maker] Update: Layouts smaller than the display area now center

[Game Maker] Added: Outline for tile layers now displays grid


[Game Maker] Update: Readonly properties now displays a different color

[Game Maker] Update: Readonly properties, removed “(read only)” from title

[Game Maker] Added: Scrollbar positions for layouts now save state

[Game Maker] Fixed: Scrollbar positions now retain position on layout or bar collapsed

[Game Maker] Added: Layer outline option now changeable in properties

[Game Maker] Update: Layout background change now updates instead of replacing

[Game Maker] Added: Layer visible option

[Game Maker] Stage layers evaluations, system restructure required


[Game Maker] Update: Stage layout and layer optimization

[Game Maker] Update: Stage layout margins updated to be more dynamic

[Game Maker] Update: Workspace scrollbars optimization




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