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2020 Annual Production Report

, By Patcoola


2020 Production Details

Game Graphics: Ground and Grass Tile Map

Painted ground and grass tile map with two color variants. The bright map (right) and the dem map (left). Recoloring resulted in the new contrast safe colors and the dem variant. This map is very large and will be used in a future project. Water and cliffs are still in early development.

Game Programming: Orbital Motion for Construct 2

Orbital motion behavior plugin for Construct 2. This plugin offers many features, however, was not finalized due to dropping Construct.

Game Programming: Z-Index for Construct 2

Z-Index management functions for Construct 2. This plugin provides many features for sorting and managing the order of objects displayed. [Learn more]

JavaScript: Stereo Audio API

Stereo Audio API is an application programming interface designed for audio control and mixing in stereo. This project has not been finalized and is on hold due to dropping Construct. This project is huge and was developed in four parts: mixer, effects, spatial, and tone. Tone has been cancelled. The goal to provide proper control for audio in games and emulated sound sound in stereo. This project offers mixing, effects, spatial, and a cue system. Cues allow for playing sounds from a consolidated audio file. Development will continue with the new game designer.

JavaScript: XML API

XML API is an application programming interface for reading XML documents. [Learn more]

This project was originally intended to improve Construct 2.

JavaScript: DOM Selector API

DOM Selector API is an application programming interface design to make common tasks in JavaScript much faster. [Learn more]

Software: 2D Game Designer

The 2D game designer, a project created for nodeJS. This project is still in early development and aims to be an in-house project to replace Construct with our own game designer. This project focus on 2D design, easy of use, and resource management. Future features will include a sprite packer, sprite animations, and a scene animator.

Dropping Construct

Dropping the Construct 2 game designer was an easy decision. I’ve invested more time trying to expand Construct with my own custom plugins than doing any game design. Construct’s plugins are poorly documented and the click and drag programming system makes serious develop slow. In essence, Construct is the obsolete. Although Construct 3 offers many useful features that should be including in the first place, Construct 3 is less open and is considered more difficult to develop plugins for. Construct 3 is also more expensive if your not publishing games. The bulk of my work is getting Construct to work better for me, that means extending its functions with custom plugins. Investing in Construct is just a money pit for myself. Thus the decision to drop Construct in favor for my own game designer was made.


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