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PHP: Request Validator

, By Patcoola

Name: Request Validator
Programming Language: PHP
Date Created: 2021-02-19

Purpose: Provides a clean and simple way to validate GET and POST requests with PHP.

Description: Request Validator is a class for PHP to simplify the validation of GET and POST requests. Process and validate requests by creating definitions. Log and display errors made easy.




// Class Name

add ( name )

// Function to create an entry

set ( name, property, value )

// Function to set a definition

get ( name, property )

// Function to return the value of a property, use to get the processed value

checkRequired ( method, array )

// Function to check if all required are met, returns true or false. Use debug to see if a required was not found

validate ( method, array )

// Function to process a validate the requests

debugMode ( bool )

// Function to determine if to include extra error logging. Used with check required, reports required which were not given.

hasErrors ()

// Returns true if there is an error

errorCount ()

// Returns the number of errors counted

getErrors ()

// Returns an array of error messages

Set and Get Properties


// Set a label for the error logger, default is the key name


// Set the data type: string, url, email, int, float, bool


// Set the minimum input length


// Set the maximum input length


// Set a minimum number required, for numeric values


// Set a maximum number limit, for numeric values


// Test the input with a regular expression


// Set to true if required, default false; Use with checkRequired function


// Set a default value, used with Get function with the value property


// Set to true if you wish to clip the input with length or number properties, default false


// Test with a string of values separated with the pipe delimiter


// Set to true if there is an error, default false; Returns boolean


// Set the value; returns the processed value

Example Usage

$obj = new _REQUEST_VALIDATOR();

$obj->set(‘first’, ‘name’, ‘First Name’);
$obj->set(‘first’, ‘type’, ‘string’);
$obj->set(‘first’, ‘minLength’, 0);
$obj->set(‘first’, ‘maxLength’, 32);
$obj->set(‘first’, ‘test’, “/[A-Za-z’-]/”);
$obj->set(‘first’, ‘required’, true);

if ( $_SERVER[‘REQUEST_METHOD’] === ‘POST’ ) {

if ( $obj->checkRequired(“POST”, $_POST) ) {

$obj->validate(“POST”, $_POST);



Errors Usage

<?php if ( $obj->hasErrors() ): ?>


<?php foreach ( $obj->getErrors() as $msg ) {

ECHO “<p>$msg</p>”;

} ?>


<?php endif; ?>

Get Value

<input type=”text” name=”first” value=”<?php ECHO $obj->get(‘first’, ‘value’); ?>” />




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