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Project Redux: Tigarus IT Solutions Suite

, By Patcoola

Project Title: Tigarus IT Solutions Suite
Platform: Cross Platform (Apple*, Linux, and Windows)
Date: 2021/08/06
Originally Started: 2009
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Purpose: Create a portable all-in-one utility for modern computer repair and services.


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Description: Tigarus IT Solutions Suite (IT Suite) is a series of USB flash drives that can test, service, and repair computers. IT Suite contains a collection of tools to test, service, and repair computers. Remove viruses with 99.99% success and repairs damages to the Windows operating system. Repair hard drives and recover lost data. IT Suite can do it all, including storage partitioning, network analyst, password removal, and much more.

Legacy Systems

  • IT Suite CD/USB Combo Edition (Discontinued)
  • IT Suite USB (BIOS Systems)
  • Mac Edition (Intel OSX 10.6-10.11 Systems)

Current Systems

  • IT USB Flash Drives (UEFI Systems)
    • Windows PE w/ Portable Apps
    • Linux PE w/ Memory Test

This project is no longer in active development but may receive minor updates.



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