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[Life] Network Storage gets Upgrade to 10TBs

, By Patcoola

Network storage receives upgrade from 5.3TBs to 10.6TBs. The last upgrade was completed in 2018, going from 2.6TBs to 5.3TBs. Hopefully this upgrade will last at least five years.


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The live upgrade in RAID5 took about 80 hours to complete. A live upgrade allows the network attached storage (NAS) to be upgraded while providing no downtime, however, performance during the process is hindered. Minimum or no access is recommended while individual disk were being upgraded as there is always a small risk of hardware failure. Once the disks have been replaced, the expansion process begins, and regular usage can continue with a performance lost until the upgrade is complete.

The 80 hours was shocking to experience, but no downtime was indeed a plus. My need for more storage is growing, however, the need for centralized shared files is much smaller than archivable files. At the moment I have about 6.56TBs of free space and soon hundreds of Steam games will be removed. The Steam games account for over 1TB of space. Once the Steam games are removed, my free space should be approximately 7.6TBs. And so, this upgrade should last at least five years.



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