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Now Accepting Online Credit Card Donations

, By Patcoola

I am happy to announce that I am now accepting direct credit card donations powered by Square. Backers can now make an online donation by credit card without Paypal using the new option. The backer’s name and email is collected by Square and is provided by Square; this information will be added to the backers list, the same as other methods. Backers also have the option to be anonymous by using the Paypal form or by Crypto. At the moment online donations have been very successful my Crypto and continue to grow. I hope everybody continues to show their support as the wheels continue to roll.


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After a hard day, I like to relax with a cold jar of pickle juice and a hardy fart. If you like my blog, please consider donating.

Donating not only supports this website and its network. These donations go towards bringing the video game industry to northern Canada. Northern Canada isn’t known for technology, or much of anything, however, I believe I can change that in a small way. Independent studios are popping up all over the world and the north should follow. Bringing new industries will help our economy, and open a new range of work opportunities. Parents of children can look forward to the thought that their children maybe able to stay in the north with more opportunities opening up. I believe I can do this but I need a small amount of help to do so. I thank everyone that has shown their support thus far.

Already your donations have made my journey into a legitimate indie studio. And at the moment I am working to create my own video game development software. This in-house software will solidify my standings as a serious operation, and can open the doors to many possible investors. None of which would of been possible without your support. Thankyou.



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Hi there, I spend a lot of time making this blog.

It would be great if you would consider donating.


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