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GDPR Compliance Strategy

, By Patcoola

Owning a website really sucks; over the years there has been many changes to standards and compliance from governments and organizations. Tring to comply with the changes is a real pain. First websites had to comply with better designs to fit all screen sizes or Google won’t list your site. Then accessibility, or the disabled may file a human rights complaint against you. Then Google has a lot of rules about acceptable content for advertising. Now it’s the European Union (EU) bullying foreign websites to comply with their laws. And then there is this thing called cookie consent. With all these demands, why would anybody want to make a website; this must be a big reason why people choose social media instead. However, I am still committed and I will comply. I have developed a compliance strategy.


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First, I will remove all Google Ads. They stopped being profitable years ago. Plus Google is now requiring consent compliance, and additional tax information.

Second, language codes from the user agent will be read to determine if the visitor is from an EU nation. Ideally detecting the country would be best, however, country detection is a nightmare.

Third, EU nations will be asked consent for Cookies while non-EU will just have a Cookie/privacy notice.

Meanwhile, the Cookie and Privacy page is now underdevelopment. This will be the draft for all sites/blogs on the Tigarus network.



Donate Now!

Hey buddy, it takes a lot to make a blog. How about a donation?


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