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Cookie Consent and More Arrives

, By Patcoola

Today my blog makes a big update as outlined by my compliance strategy. Owning a website really sucks, the costs of compliance is sure stacking up as I basically spent my entire January working on updates. Now by blog has been updated and is compliant till the next changes come.


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First I removed the advertising and replaced them with donation comics. Google ads haven’t been profitable in two years. And with Google content guidelines, updating tax requirements for Canadians, General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and cookie consent, it would be easier to remove the ads. I hope visitors will like the comics and consider making a donation.

I have created a Terms and Privacy page as part of the compliance requirements.

Cookie and Privacy consent is now asked for European Union (EU) nations detected by language. EU nations will be blocked from viewing the blog unless the visitor provides consent, however, visitors can read my Terms and Privacy page without providing consent. English visitors will only be presented a corner prompt. The irony for consent is that a cookie is needed to remember that consent has been provided. The consent cookie will expire in 30 days.

A new exciting blog update is support for embedded videos. Videos from Youtube or Newgrounds will now scale and fit to all devices and displays. In addition there were a lot of other things that was updated as well, such as upgrading from PHP 7 to 8, which required a lot of testing.

I hope people like the new updates although cookie consent is annoying. I will be adding consent to my other blogs on the network in the next few weeks.



Donate Now!

Hey buddy, it takes a lot to make a blog. How about a donation?


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