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Project Patflix

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Project Patflix, it’s like Netflix but cooler and private. Ah, no! For years I have been backing up my personal DVD/Blu-ray collection and compressing them. Over time the collection has grown to the point where browsing became unenjoyable, however, a free program called Kodi made it easier. Kodi was like having my own Netflix on my computer but there was a problem, only one computer had the library. Until recently I bought an Amazon Fire TV Stick and installed Kodi on it. I learned to use a feature called UPnP with Kodi, with this all my computers/devices can share the library and stream. Now I don’t need to connect a computer to our family TV anymore.


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I like many in northern Canada have limited Internet access. Online streaming services isn’t practical or affordable, and till recently (2020) my internet service provider increased our monthly data allowance from 200GB to 300GB per month. So for many years it was normal to buy or rent movies. Buy-and-sell of our used movies is very common in the north. I had also accumulated a large Anime collection. In-home streaming of my collection is convenient as it does not use any data, but managing the collection can be a lot of work.

The things we do because we wanted it.

Left to right: Zack Snyder’s Justice League, Serial Experiments Lain, Love Hina

I have an exclusive copy of Zack Snyder’s Justice League in 16:9 widescreen, because I was shocked that the movie was in 4:3 fullscreen. I said to my self “NO!” so I spent about three weeks converting the movie to widescreen. It looks fantastic!

Serial Experiments Lain, I tried upgrading from the DVD to HD. My copy in HD had audio issues so I used to DVD’s audio, fixed the sync problems, and created my own forced English subs for signs. (All 13 episodes.)

Love Hina, I am upgrade from the DVD to HD, and I am creating my own my own forced English subs for signs. (25 Episodes, 3 OAV, 2 Specials)

Left to right: Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball GT

The Dragon Ball series had to be renumbered. Dragon Ball 153 episodes, 6 seasons. Dragon Ball Z 291 episodes, 9 seasons. Dragon Ball GT 64 episodes, 3 seasons. Finding the seasons and episode numbers was not easy as there was different releases over the years. But I finally found the system uses.

Dragon Ball GT, my DVDs are aging and the audio was degrading. Many episodes had their opening/ending music video damaged and I had to use a video editor to replace it. The audio was out of sync for every episode, and there was cracking in season two. Although I tried to fix the audio their is still parts where it is out of sync. I can’t find a better copy.

I have been converting my collection for many years, and Kodi has really changed things. Technology is amazing. I Hope to have my entire TV collection converted by the end of this year (2022).

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Headline Photo: Amazon 10 inch tablet with Kodi
Image 1: Zack Snyder’s Justice League, Serial Experiments Lain, Love Hina
Image 2: Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball GT



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