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Blog Update: Youtube and More

, By Patcoola

After many years, I have finally gotten around to adding support for iFrames. This allows for Youtube videos and other videos from sources such as Newgrounds. The challenges for doing so was the difficulties with headline photos, video posters, social media cards, and responsive design. While implementing the addition to support iFrames I also included post descriptions thought commented tags. Now browsing through post listings will display a slogan/description and social media cards will also display the description as well. Last, some small changes have been made to the blog layout, most noticeable is the headline photo credits. Truly a new era has arrived.

The blog is looking really good.


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Past updates to the blog this year include cookie and privacy consent and the removal of advertisements. Cookie and privacy consent was a huge update across the network. An update I didn’t want to do because as a small website I am not doing anything wrong. The laws for consent was really designed for big offenders like Facebook and they are the ones not doing it. Why am I being punished. And lastly I made the decision to remove the ads from my blog.

I removed the Google ads because it was not profitable and there was too many rules. The ads haven’t paid in over a year and Google was asking for tax information. It was simply too much trouble to support an ads system which has too many rules. Google content rules made compliance a pain. Google ads was literally limiting my freedoms. The point of having my own website was to do whatever I wanted. And so I removed the ads and replaced them with funny donation links.

I hope visitors show their support.



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