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Blog Update: Posters and Search

, By Patcoola

New general headline posters have been added for posts such as Blog, Projects, JavaScript, etc. These new posters come in three sizes: full, wide, and thumbnail. The blog search has been updated and given it’s own layout. The new headline photos and post descriptions system have been implemented to the entire blog, including pages, search results, tags, etc. And on going, updating posts with descriptions and new posters will take weeks. All the pages have already been updated and many posts as-well.


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Blog general headline posters include:

  • Blog
  • Construct 2
  • Development
  • JavaScript
  • PHP
  • Projects

The posters are in three sizes: full for social media cards, wide for regular viewing, and thumbnail for listings.

Having posters that are unified and with a consistent style is great and really makes the blog more polished.

The blog search has been given a much needed update. Visitors can find the search option in the Posts page. The search results now has it’s own layout and works properly. The search URL has been corrected and the results navigation buttons now works correctly. There is also a no results found message added.

Lastly all pages have been updated with thumbnails and descriptions, and can be seen in the blog search.

Already, many posts have been updated with the new general headline posters, descriptions, and image sources credits have been added. It will take weeks or even months to updated every post.



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