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2023 Production Schedule

, By Patcoola

Production schedule as of January 23, 2023. The following information is a general overview of all projects slated for 2023 by Patcoola. This year’s plans are an extension of last year, and headline graphic represents the development of my own 2D game designer once again plus the addition of the chiptune composer.


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*All projects listed on this Blog are the personal / in-house projects of Patcoola in association with Tigarus Interactive Media. If you are interested in a project or would like to employ our services, please feel free to contact us.

Projects 2023

  • [Web] Tigarus News Blog: Card Links
  • [Web] SEO Updates
  • [Web] Youtube Channel Design/Branding
  • [Video] Metal Staff Twirling lightsaber Effects
  • [JS] Select Interface Component
  • [JS] Select Menu Interface Component
  • [JS] Select Input Field Interface Component
  • [Software] Chiptune Composer: Mixer
  • [Software] Chiptune Composer: Sound
  • [Software] Chiptune Composer: Keyboard
  • [Software] Chiptune Composer: Play
  • [Software] Chiptune Composer: Export
  • [Software] Chiptune Composer: Load
  • [Software] Chiptune Composer: Save
  • [Software] Chiptune Composer: Write Note
  • [Software] Chiptune Composer: Remove Note
  • [Software] Chiptune Composer: Move Note
  • [Software] Chiptune Composer: Add Track
  • [Software] Chiptune Composer: Remove Track
  • [Software] Sprite Sheet Compactor
  • [Software] Game Designer IDE: GUI Improvements

Milestone Projects

  • [Software] Chiptune Composer
  • [Software] Audio Cue Sheet Editor
  • [Software] Sprite Sheet Compactor
  • [Software] Sprite Animator Assembler
  • [Software] Tile Map IDE fork
  • [Software] Sprite placement and management IDE fork
  • [Software] Scene Director IDE fork



[Digital Art Assets] Added new Christmas items

[Digital Art Assets] Added new Text Frames items

[Personal] Project Patdora: 10K plus music audit

[JS] Encoded Assets

[JS] Math Number Range Functions


[Web Dev] Draft: Custom style Radio and Checkbox

[Node JS] Dev: List Mounted Drives (Win and Linux)

[Node JS] Dev: Basic HTTP Server (http, post, get, mime)

[Node JS] Dev: Dir from OS, request and extrapolations (Win and Linux)

[JS] End of Line, EOL function and convert CRLF



[JS] AJAX API: Updates and refined

[Node JS] Basic HTTP Server: Fixed URL pathname, caused 404 error with GET and POST

[Youtube] @paspencer: Added 16 videos

[JS] Select Interface Component: Align


[Youtube] @paspencer: Added 11 videos

[Node JS] Dir: Windows returns a JSON file

[Node JS] User Dir: Windows returns a JSON file (from Windows Registry)

[Node JS] Dir: UNIX returns a JSON file

[Node JS] User Dir: UNIX returns a JSON file (from config_dir file)

[Node JS] Drive List: Windows returns a JSON file

[Node JS] Drive List: Linux returns a JSON file, includes cifs

[Node JS] Dir: Linux and Windows unified

[Node JS] User Dir: Linux and Windows unified

[Node JS] Drive List: Linux and Windows unified

[Node JS] First alpha for a file explorer with dynamic DIR


[Node JS] File explorer: ongoing – working on interface

[Social] Updated Banners and Avatar images

[Youtube: @paspencer] Added Banner and Avatar images



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